Hi, I’m Judi,

and I’m so happy you are here.

I’m a solution-focused clinical hypnotherapist, I’m passionate about what I do, and I feel so privileged to be able to help people on their journey to health and happiness.

We are conditioned to think that putting ourselves first is selfish. However, when we put the needs of others ahead of our own, we harm not just ourselves, but also the people we care the most about.

But I also recognise that the people most in need of relief are often the last ones to put themselves first, and can be too frazzled, busy, anxious, and/or stressed out to seek support.

The fact that you are here now, is a big deal. You’ve made that first step, and that is huge.

I want to empower you to have the life you want and become the person you want to be.

One day an internet search brought me to solution-focused hypnotherapy; I was hooked. It has transformed my life.

I can honestly say that I am a changed person from who I used to be in ways that the old version of myself wouldn’t have thought possible.

But the wonderful thing is, is that it worked not just for me, but it can for just about anyone who is ready for change.

Judi Quirke

What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.


I understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed, and I am here to support you in a confidential, non-judgmental, safe space. By accessing the power of your subconscious mind, and focusing on your future, we can make amazing changes in your life. We can reinforce positive thoughts & beliefs, leading to positive actions that will support your health, well-being, and almost any goal you wish to achieve.

I have a background in Psychology (BSC), completed training in MBSR (Mindful-Based Stress Reduction), and nearly a decade of work in Occupational Therapy working with people to overcome and adapt to physical, sensory, and cognitive challenges.

I’m professionally insured, DBS checked, and am a member of:

  • The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council
  • The Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
  • The General Hypnotherapy Register

Additionally, I’m an Anxiety UK approved therapist and a registered member and affiliate of the HypnoBirthing® Institute, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

  • Hypnobirthing Certificate
  • CNHC logo
  • GHR logo
  • AFSFH logo
  • Anxiety UK logo

Are you ready to live your life on your own terms and in a way that makes you happy? It’s time to invest in yourself and to get started on a journey to revolutionise your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health so you get to live your best life. I genuinely believe that you can do it, and I would be delighted to work with you.

Kind Words

Hypnotherapy with Judi has given me new found freedom!

Thank you, Judi, for helping me find the path to managing anxiety and stress. You have helped improve my mindset which has helped me be the mom and wife that my family deserves. I hope others looking for peace find you and embrace Relax Baby! Life is meant to be easy and we need to be reminded of that. Judi helped me do just that!

Judi, I appreciate your professionalism and ability to connect with what I truly need. Your personalized approach made me feel understood and hopeful. Hypnotherapy with Judi has given me new found freedom!


You are in safe and reliable hands

One word, WOW. Judi is a fantastic hypnotherapist. She worked with me on several issues I was suffering with, and I can truly say she has transformed my life. I now have the tools to deal with when the unexpected hits me and how to calm myself.

If you are curious or even a little sceptical, just take the plunge and be amazed at the results! You are in safe and reliable hands with Judi.


My fear of enclosed spaces

I saw Judi to help me with several issues, in particular, my fear of enclosed spaces. Judi put me at ease from the very first session and I like the way she explains about the brain and how hypnotherapy works. I never imagined how much Judi’s sessions would help me and I have the added bonus of a recording I can listen to whenever I need to relax.

I have recommended Judi to lots of people I know.

Thank you so much, Judi, for what you’ve done for me.


Judi is warm, friendly and approachable

Judi is warm, friendly and approachable and within a few sessions of solution-focused hypnotherapy with her, it has helped me to address my social anxiety issues. I feel so much more positive and confident in myself.

I am now completely transformed and I would highly recommend Judi to anyone who is thinking about trying hypnotherapy for any reason.


Your voice is so soothing and relaxing

I’ve had a few sessions with Judi and Wow the Hypnotherapy has really worked absolutely loved every session.

Judi explained everything in my first session, and the meditation was the absolute best.

Judi your voice is so soothing and relaxing it’s worked a treat and thank you for the meditation recording, it’s been fantastic with what you have done for me.

Thank you very much Judi.

Highly Recommend