HypnoBirthing® offers the tools for a calm and comfortable birth.

It equips you with the knowledge to make confident and informed decisions and to empower you through pregnancy, birth and beyond. It’s a philosophy of preparing both your mind and your body for a soft and serene birth experience.

The Mongan method of HypnoBirthing® is the original.

Created by Marie Mongan over thirty years ago, with the intention to challenge the idea that birth is painful, putting into question the fear and the stress that the mother’s body has to go through.

You and your birthing partner will learn the importance of the mind-body connection and how fear can affect your body and your baby. You will be introduced to the practice of deep relaxation and equipped with tools to use during labour, birth, and as new parents.

No matter how you imagine your birth experience HypnoBirthing® is for you.

Whether you are hoping for a totally natural, drug-free birth, or you’d just like some amazing skills and techniques to help you cope with the early stages of labour before pain-relief medication becomes available, HypnoBirthing® is for you.


Will HypnoBirthing® make me cluck like a chicken?

If clucking like a chicken makes your birth experience fun, I certainly won’t stop you! But HypnoBirthing® won’t be the cause of it.

Hypnosis isn’t how it’s usually portrayed on screen. Often when we think of hypnosis we think of stage hypnosis, something that’s used for entertainment.

I can promise you that in HypnoBirthing® there are no pocket watches swinging, finger-clicking or chickens clucking.

Perhaps, not as amusing, but far more useful, we teach self-hypnosis to achieve a deep state of relaxation, but with a heightened state of mental awareness. You always remain in total control but will be deeply relaxed, free of physical and emotional tension.

Will it help me have a perfect birth?

There is no such thing as a perfect birth, and although I wish could, neither I nor the HypnoBirthing® program can guarantee that you will have one.

Every birth is different because every mum and every baby are different.

While there is so much we can do to prepare for birth, every birth is unique. Sometimes things are straightforward and sometimes they are not.

With a HypnoBirthing® education, you will be prepared, relaxed, and confident, no matter what happens on your birth journey.

You will have the knowledge to make informed decisions and learn how to work with your birthing partner as a team to create a truly positive birth experience, where both partners feel in control and empowered.

I don’t know what’s best for you and your family, but you do.


As a HypnoBirthing® educator, I don’t have an agenda other than making sure you are prepared to have a calm and confident birth. I will not tell you how I think you should birth your baby.

No matter what your birth preferences are, whether you want to birth in a hospital, at home, in a pool, in a car, singing show tunes, or on the top of a mountain. Additionally, it makes absolutely no difference to me whether you have an epidural, a belly birth, or a free birth on the beach.

What matters to me is that you feel informed, confident and that you and your birth partner can create a safe environment for you and your baby.

I want your birth partner to be empowered and involved too so that you are both able to feel connected with your baby both before and after your baby is born. You are the people making the best decisions for you and your baby and I want you to trust in yourselves.

No matter what, you have my support every step of the way.

HypnoBirthing® is a complete antenatal programme

The Mongan Method of Hypnobirthing® is the original and still the best and is fully accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

  • HypnoBirthing® is recognized worldwide as a leading program in childbirth education & preparation.
  • Celebrating over 30 years of proven education
  • Over 2000 educators worldwide
  • Implemented into many hospitals as their antenatal education program.
  • Protecting, promoting, and supporting natural birth, but most importantly a positive birth in any method of birth
  • HypnoBirthing® is a comprehensive program with key strategies to reduce the use of unnecessary medical interventions.
  • A comprehensive program consisting of 5 x 2.5 hour classes. A format that has proven to condition the mothers mind and body in preparation for birth.
  • Gives you the tools to effectively work with hospitals and birth professionals in how to better support you as a Hypnobirthing® couple.
  • A program for the entire family, teaching and empowering birth partners to properly support during birth and advocate for mum and baby.

Benefits of HypnoBirthing®

HypnoBirthing® mums benefit from

  • Fewer cases of pre-eclampsia/ dehydration
  • Fewer interventions and surgical births
  • Decreased use of oxytocics or AROM
  • Shorter first and second-phase labor
  • Fewer pre-term and low-weight babies
  • Lessened or eliminated need for analgesia
  • Happier and content mothers and babies
  • Babies alert; able to nurse almost immediately
  • Infants with higher than average APGAR scores

Kind Words

Hypnotherapy with Judi has given me new found freedom!

Thank you, Judi, for helping me find the path to managing anxiety and stress. You have helped improve my mindset which has helped me be the mom and wife that my family deserves. I hope others looking for peace find you and embrace Relax Baby! Life is meant to be easy and we need to be reminded of that. Judi helped me do just that!

Judi, I appreciate your professionalism and ability to connect with what I truly need. Your personalized approach made me feel understood and hopeful. Hypnotherapy with Judi has given me new found freedom!


You are in safe and reliable hands

One word, WOW. Judi is a fantastic hypnotherapist. She worked with me on several issues I was suffering with, and I can truly say she has transformed my life. I now have the tools to deal with when the unexpected hits me and how to calm myself.

If you are curious or even a little sceptical, just take the plunge and be amazed at the results! You are in safe and reliable hands with Judi.


My fear of enclosed spaces

I saw Judi to help me with several issues, in particular, my fear of enclosed spaces. Judi put me at ease from the very first session and I like the way she explains about the brain and how hypnotherapy works. I never imagined how much Judi’s sessions would help me and I have the added bonus of a recording I can listen to whenever I need to relax.

I have recommended Judi to lots of people I know.

Thank you so much, Judi, for what you’ve done for me.


Judi is warm, friendly and approachable

Judi is warm, friendly and approachable and within a few sessions of solution-focused hypnotherapy with her, it has helped me to address my social anxiety issues. I feel so much more positive and confident in myself.

I am now completely transformed and I would highly recommend Judi to anyone who is thinking about trying hypnotherapy for any reason.


Your voice is so soothing and relaxing

I’ve had a few sessions with Judi and Wow the Hypnotherapy has really worked absolutely loved every session.

Judi explained everything in my first session, and the meditation was the absolute best.

Judi your voice is so soothing and relaxing it’s worked a treat and thank you for the meditation recording, it’s been fantastic with what you have done for me.

Thank you very much Judi.

Highly Recommend